Aug 23, 2017 9:34PM

Let The Oyster Fam Convince You/Your Relatives To Vote Yes For Same-Sex Marriage

You have until midnight August 24 to enrol!
Check your enrolment details right now. Are they there? Are they correct? Fix them. Your vote here is so, so, so important. You've got until midnight August 24 to enrol, and then VOTE YES. Here is all the info you need.
The last time Australia ran a voluntary postal vote, more than half of the population didn't take part. And, it's young people (you!) who have the lowest enrolment rates across the country. According the the AEC, more than half a million of you aren't even on the electoral roll. Get it together!
If you are up to date — and please do check — the next most import step is that you're voting yes. And that your family and friends are voting yes. Because we may not get another say in this for a really long time. In order to convince you, or help convince your relatives/problematic mates, to vote yes. We've compiled some v important thoughts from the Oyster fam…

Stairway to heaven. Comment for date. Like for fuck.

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"When John Howard changed the marriage act in 2004 to be between a man and a woman, it started a conversation between myself and my parents that was in many ways very traumatic. I came out to them, and their response, though ultimately loving, was one of disappointed, and fearful conservatives. They did not want to see their daughter face discrimination, or social rejection, as was, and more often still is, the experience of so many queers, particularly those from rural areas. At this time they could not see outside their own life experience, so their knowing that queers experience discrimination, oppression, violence, social disadvantage etc. was certainly not unfounded. This 14-year-long conversation between us has seen them grow and change, when I thought they wouldn't. Today my mum called to ask my opinion on the upcoming postal survey on marriage equality. I don't think she can understand how moved I was by this gesture. To hear a conservative, white, 57-year-old woman from the country, who in the past has staunchly defended the institution of marriage as an exclusively heterosexual privilege, say to me off her own back, 'It's about equality', validates my own personal struggle, the tireless struggle of so many before me, and, doubtlessly, the struggle of those to come. I don't ascribe to the institution of marriage. It has never been something of value to me. But, I respect those who see differently. It's nice to know that if I do choose to marry in the future, my parents will proudly participate, and not feel ashamed as perhaps they once would have. Not everyone is as fortunate as I am to have parents who work to understand, and accept their child's difference. That is why I am posting this. We need to send a message to those who hold on to fear, hatred, or ignorance, or whatever it might be that makes them feel justified in discriminating against others. Please, enrol, so we can all participate in this unnecessary act of pretending like there's any option but equality. I love you always, Mum and Dad x"


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"Recent events have left the world feeling like the 1939 summer of Berlin, with Charlottesville triggering the public acknowledgement of America’s neo-nazi community, Pauline Hanson carrying on like a baboon in the Australian senate, and now Malcolm Turnbull and the Australian government deciding that me and my husband’s relationship should be left up to an absurdly expensive and non-binding vote. We married earlier this year at City Hall in NYC (BTW we looked BOMB AF and Australia should be so lucky to have had us get married on it’s shores), forced to be married away from our family and our closest friends because our country refuses to acknowledge our relationship and our love for one another. 
We need a little bit of hope, something to keep us going in a world that seems to be utterly doomed. IDK why we have to continue fighting for basic human rights in 2017. Have we learned nothing as a human race? We all deserve to be treated as equals; regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status or anything anyone may do with themselves that HAS NO EFFECT ON ANYONE ELSE!
We have a long way to go as a race until we reach equality for everyone, but if we have a choice and a chance to make a change towards that, then this is the end of the evolution of our race. It’s time to make a change and continue evolving.
Gay marriage won’t affect your precious hetero marriage, it won’t unleash the Anti Christ or the four horseman of the apocalypse (which I am sure is Kris Jenner and Kim, Kendall, Kylie and Caitlyn) and it won’t have ANY negative effect on anyone, I swear on Lady Gaga.
It WILL however make a world of difference to 19.8% of Australians who identify as gay (according to the 2014 Morgan Single Source Survey).
It’s a no brainer. It doesn’t affect you. It does affect me. VOTE YES!"


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"There is so much I have to say but I certainly do not have the wisdom to articulate my thoughts in a digestible and calm manner but to summarise — the equal marriage rights debate is sadly a religious one, a tug-o-war between outdated, oppressive religious ideals imposed by those influenced by religious mythical texts, opposed to truth, love and compassion and everything that is sensible, just and moral. This is ridiculous, as church and state are legally seperate. Non religious people get married everyday in non religious ceremonies. I will say this - If you cannot trust God's word in Genesis, then why trust what it says throughout the rest of scripture? If God's supposedly infallible word is indeed fallible (as proven without a doubt), then everything you believe in is a lie and your beliefs on gay marriage included."

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"Yes! So important to vote in the plebiscite, Australia needs equality for all!"
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