Dec 10, 2013 10:24AM

Listen: Chance The Rapper x Justin Bieber 'Confident'

About a nice female companion from overseas.

Chicago upstart Chance The Rapper (who we interviewed for Oyster #103) has just teamed up with Canadian twinklette Justin Bieber on a new track 'Confident' and it's pretty good! Justin's doing his best Timberlake impression and Chance (who comes in around the 2:30min mark) is on fire lyrically. We dare say the Bieber is growing on us. Jks! We've loved him all along. Sue us. 

Chance The Rapper's been doing some shit-hot collaborating lately. Good on him, we say, for improving Justin's overall sound and image with his mere presence. 
Having scrutinised the lyrics closely, we can safely say that we know narrative behind 'Confident.' It involves a girl who's "nasty but she fancy", and who Justin says is foreign, because "she got passports." The fact that she has multiple passports is a bit suspicious, but we digress. She's just "learned to twerk" and although she "said it's her first time," Justin thinks "she might have lied." Cool story, Justin! Sounds like it could have been based on IRL experiences. 
Photo: Richard Kern