Jul 11, 2012 10:22AM

Listen: M.I.A.'s Leaked New Song, 'Baby'

Originally intended for Madonna.

A new M.I.A. song, 'Baby', has been leaked. Following-up 'Bad Girls' and 'Come Walk With Me' (both of which are from her upcoming album Matangi), this new track isn't a final version but it is pretty good. The song was actually written and recorded for Madonna, and is a rough cut of a demo that M.I.A. recorded with producer William Orbit who worked on Madonna's MDNA and Ray of Light albums, as well as Blur's 13.

Hours ago, William wrote on his Facebook, "Thanks for the link, er, but we hadn't even finished the song yet. Madonna and M.I.A. were going to add some more bits I think. Not sure. I'd put it on hold. All I'm doing at the moment is filming (taking a break from musicians and their crazy world!)"

Check out M.I.A.'s Twitter disclaimer:

And her take on the lyrics: