Aug 15, 2013 10:58AM

Listen: R Kelly x Phoenix 'Trying To Be Cool'

The King of R&B nails it.

Some truly excellent musical renditions have surfaced today. Hooray! Now, we report that R 'hot and fresh out the kitchen' Kelly has taken on Phoenix's most recent single 'Trying To Be Cool'. The 46 year-old King of R&B injects a bunch of new vocal twists as well as an entirely new verse — taking the perky pop ditty to new, sultry levels.

While the French geniuses of pop laid down a wildly enjoyable original, Kelly's is just as likeable. He and the band first joined forces at Coachella earlier in the year where they performed a mash-up of Phoenix's '1901' and Kelly's 'Ignition'.

Check out the tune below:

And obviously, we were always going to include this: