Jul 06, 2015 8:36AM

Listen To Kim Gordon Play Jams And Talk Bikini Kill, Nirvana, Yoko Ono And Life

On Iggy Pop's radio show.
Iggy Pop recently scored a slot on BBC 6 Music, where he hosts his weekly radio show on Friday nights. He couldn't make it this week, so Kim Gordon jumped in.
She opens with Sonic Youth's The Sprawl, a song she "really liked to play live." She hits play on some of the music that has come into her life, starting with the jazz that influenced her style from the start.
Between jams, she chats. First about growing up in "police state" Los Angeles, and the music in the Laurel Canyon scene from her childhood. Then the moments where punk turned into hardcore and her and Thurston had the romantic experience of a young Henry Rollins screaming in their faces. 
It's cool to hear her talk about rebelling, which she did by writing about guys playing music (because Dan Graham was already writing about feminism and female voices in rock). It's even cooler to hear her talk about her influences and not take herself too seriously.
Some of those influences include The Carpenters (via Thurston), Seattle's grunge scene heroes Nirvana and Mudhoney, and Olympia's riot grrrl gangs. She gives huge props to Bikini Kill, and Kathleen Hanna's entire career through Le Tigre and The Julie Ruin. She talks about getting her mind blown by Yoko Ono, and she plays a track from her daughter's high school band. Cute!
If you've ever dreamed of flipping through records with Kim, this is it.

Hayley Morgan