Dec 17, 2015 9:32PM

Little Legends Amandla Stenberg And Rowan Blanchard Named Feminists Of The Year

Not only have Amandla Stenberg and Rowan Blanchard been vocal about their views concerning feminism, but they've been smart about them too. So it's well deserved that they've been named 'feminist celebrity of the year' by the Ms. Foundation for Women. 
Amandla has ticked some dope things off her list, too many for a 17 year old IMHO. She has been at the front of the Art Hoe collective, penned a graphic novel for badass girls, schooled Kylie Jenner and the rest of the internet on cultural appropriation, and managed to make an EP with her best mate. Ripper!
Rowan Blanchard wrote a flawless essay/response to intersectional feminism and our brains basically fell in our laps. She is v clear-headed and only 13-years-old. Crazy. Imagine all the great stuff she's going to do in the next 60 years!

Hayley Morgan