Jun 28, 2017 10:35PM

Lonely Help Make Cancer Sufferer Eva McGauley's Dreams Come True

Truly touching.
Lonely are well-known for supporting women in a big way. They make cool and pretty underwear to hug your best bits, and they make sure to shoot them on women who are inspiring for more reasons than their perfect bodies. Today, they announce a truly touching project.
They've featured the incredible Eva McGauley for Lonely Girls, making note that Eva has devoted her life to helping sexual abuse victims, "hoping to create a world where her loved ones feel safe." Sadly, Eva has terminal cancer.
With the time she has left, Eva is launching her own charity tomorrow (June 29). Eva's Wish has three priorities: Creating guidelines for schools for when a sexual assault between students happens; better sex education in New Zealand; helping youth change the world by providing a platform to teach young people to fight for what they believe in.
To support Eva, Lonely are donating all proceeds from sales on the launch date (June 29) to Eva's Wish. If there ever was a good time to refresh your undies drawer, it's now
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Hayley Morgan