Dec 16, 2011 12:00AM

Look Inside Agyness Deyn's Apartment

If you have a spare $2.5 million around, it could be yours.

Usually getting a sneak peek inside a high profile person's home leaves you feeling mixed emotions of jealousy that you don't live there and inspiration to transform your own humble abode. You marvel at their impeccable taste and all the cool shit they (or their interior designer) have selected from obscure flea markets in exotic locales and high-end furniture shops. However, Agyness Deyn's Williamsburg apartment - recently listed on the market for $2.5 million - has left many in a quandary about whether to love it or hate it.

Restraint has never really been Deyn's thing, so it's only logical that her natural habitat is a bit bizarre. The apartment 8 an 'Under the Sea' themed bedroom with conch shell chairs and a coral and seaweed wall mural, a Dali-inspired bedroom with sleigh bed and gilded mirrors, and a bathroom with a brown marble bath tub, lion's head tap and mirrored tiles. The main living area is where it all comes together with floral wallpaper, leopard print carpet, enough chintz and flea market ecclectica to make you dizzy, hessian drapes and a hot air balloon chandelier.

Certain elements of Deyn's apartment make it feel like it could belong to a cigar-smoking, balding and slightly chubby guy with gold chains rather than a lithe, pixie-featured blonde model. We think it kind of works though. So ugly, it's pretty; so grotesque, it's chic; so good for a party but not for a hangover. Check out Deyn's apartment below.