Jun 22, 2017 9:23PM

Lorde Chats About Her Feminine Name And How Feminism Is Not About Her

Nails it.
Songbird and deep-fried onion critic Lorde is currently having heaps of convos about her new record. Most recently, the serious journalists over at 60 Minutes spent some time with her. They asked her cutting questions about this history of her stage name and her relationship with feminism.
On the first point, she says her name choice was a really quick decision but she's "quite proud of [her] 16-year-old self for not messing that one up". Onya Lorde. She also explains that she liked the way 'Lord' sounded, and then thought it'd be cool to add an 'e' to feminise it.
Bringing us over to the inevitable question every woman doing anything gets asked about: feminism. "Feminism is a word that gets thrown around a lot, these days," the interviewer casually segues. "What does it mean to you?"
And Lorde nails it. "Oooof," she begins. "It's totally not about me. It's about all women — women who might not have the privileges that I have — trying to fight for better conditions and better treatment of all women… whether that be trans women, or women of colour, or women in professions that don't typically get a lot of respect."
"No one needs to fight for me to have an ok run, I'm going to be fine. There are women who don't have a voice… or who have a voice but don't have anyone listening to it. That's what it's about." Truth.
Here she is:

Hayley Morgan