Feb 12, 2014 10:05AM

Lorde's Acne Cream Normalness

Did not wake up like this.

She may well be a taking over the entire music industry but rest assured, Lorde is just like us when it comes to skincare. Our favey fave just posted the above selfie on her Instagram with the caption, "in bed in paris with my acne cream on," and with over 96,000 likes and 3000+ comments, it seems she's struck a chord with that all-lowercase, average Josephine candour.

Unlike Beyonce (who is God on earth), Lorde didn't quite wake up like this. It takes work for us mere mortals. Girl has a skincare routine to keep up with, and we respect that. And also relate. Her fans do too — the avalanche of comments on Instagram (nice ones this time) showed that they love how she keeps it real and shows herself in a refreshingly normal light, despite her slightly abnormal dance moves