Mar 10, 2015 10:27AM

Lorde's Mum Sonja Has The Coolest Instagram

Spend a day in her life.

Meet the mother of the Lorde. Turns out Sonja Yelich, mother to Ella Yelich-O'Connor, is just as cool as her famous offspring — and she has the Instagram to prove it. The two of them have been snapping up a storm during Paris Fashion Week, sitting front row at Dior and Chloé, and generally being awesome. Plus, during their trip, the woman who created everyone's favourite 18-year-old celebrated her 50th birthday. Happy Birthday, Sonj!

She spent the day watching Kanye perform at Louis Vuitton, sipping coffee overlooking the Eiffel Tower, taking selfies with Lorde and making Kimmy K jokes, thankfully sharing it all with us via her Insta.

Lorde too has been capturing the mother/daughter trip and posting sweet pics with even sweeter captions like, "She always has a smile and a devilish joke on hand, and my life would be so much duller without her," and, "I LOVE YOU, MUM. So happy to be in Paris with you on this special day."

Seriously awesome family, we want to join! To celebrate Sonja's b'day, we've rounded up the best Instagrams from their Paris adventure.

1. Lorde's birthday shoutout:

2.Watching Kanye perform:

3.Watching the Eiffel Tower perform:

4. Making KK blonde jokes:

5. Taking a sneaky selfie:

6. Capturing Kanye phtotbombing Lorde:

7. And just generally being the cutest:

Photos: @lordemusic, @sonjayelich

Alexandra Godwin