Feb 23, 2017 10:30PM

Louis Theroux To Staunch Trump In New BBC Series

Get him!
Smart dude / angel face Louis Theroux has announced his newest hard-hitting project. It's a three part series for the BBC2 and it's going to hone in on Trump and the phenomenon that surrounds him. Juicy!
"It feels like a whole cultural, almost sea change in how the world is part of the post-Brexit wave of populism," Louis told the Mirror. "The story seems to change every day with Trump. There's something new bubbling under. It's hard to get your head around such a big subject."
On describing his approach to the series, he said: "The challenge with Trump would be… something so abhorrent that walks on two legs and is a human being, you have to explore where his foibles come from." Something. So. Abhorrent. Yes, Louis!
No official air date has been confirmed, but Louis says,"Hopefully people will like it. It's good."

Hayley Morgan