Apr 22, 2012 4:34PM

Meet the Models — Lydia Carron

A particularly out-of-focus photo indicative of how intimidatingly beautiful she is.

Every day in the lead-up to Fashion Week, we'll be introducing you to one of the girls you'll see on the runway this year. We held a casting at Luxe Studios last week with our MBFWA contributors Mark Vassallo and Yimmy Yayo, and I also went along to take some iPhone photos of the girls and ask them questions (all while being dumbfounded by how ridiculously good-looking they are). Lydia Carron is a pretty big deal, and the photo I took of her was particularly out-of-focus, indicative of how much my hands were shaking and how intimidatingly beautiful she is. She's from New York and has been modeling for three years, having walked for the likes of YSL, Lanvin, Mulberry, Acne, Oscar de la Renta, Stella McCartney, and other pro people. Yikes. I also said "I like your t-shirt" as a talking point. WHO DOES THAT. Seriously. That's like asking someone if they like music.

How old are you?
I’m 19.

What agency are you with?
I’m with Chic Management here in Australia.

You said earlier that you’re from New York...
Yeah, I just got here yesterday.

Lydia shot by Charlie Rubin.

So will this be your first time at Australian Fashion Week?
Yes, it’s my first time in Australia.

Did you walk at New York Fashion Week last season?
Yeah, I’ve done the past three season in New York, London Milan and Paris.

That’s great to have you here then!
Yeah, I’m excited to be here, it’s so nice.

Lydia on the Oscar de la Renta Resort 2012 runway.

What was your favourite show that you walked last international season?
Oh gosh. My favourite of all time? Okay, I have two. Thakoon in New York because I opened —it was not last season but the season before — and Burberry, when I did that my first season. It was pretty epic.

Are any of the other girls from your agency here at the casting today; have you made any friends?
I do know some of the other girls from my agency, I’m not sure if they’re here yet, but they will be here. There’s another girl that’s now with my agency but I know her from shows.

Lydia shot by Marijo Cobretti.

Do you know much about Australian fashion? Whose your favourite Australian designer?
I just learned that Ksubi who make those jeans are Australian, and I’m really excited because I love those jeans, but I actually don’t [know much about Australian fashion]. I mean, I’m learning. I think I maybe know the designers but I don’t know if they’re Australian, so I guess I’ll find out.

I like your t-shirt [Lydia was wearing a great vintage Germs t-shirt], where did you get it from?
Wasteland in Los Angeles. Traveling for jobs I always pick up stuff there.

Where are you staying in Sydney?
I’m actually staying at [the house of] a friend of my agency. It’s really cool, it’s this guy’s giant house, and he’s not there but I’m staying at his giant loft and it has, like, two stories and three balconies and it’s the ultimate bachelor pad, or bachelorette pad.

Lydia with Kate Wagoner in Dazed & Confused, September 2011.

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Words: Ingrid Kesa
Main image: Ingrid Kesa