Aug 11, 2016 10:50AM

Malia Obama Smokes A Joint, Sends The Internet Into Meltdown

Leave Malia Obama alone!

Malia Obama, future Harvard attendee and coolest President's first kid, may have indulged in a little bit of that 420 action at Lollapalooza last month. A video emerged of her twerkin' and puffin' on what is maybe the devil's lettuce, and the mainstream media proceeded to have a meltdown as if they'd just caught the Pope himself punching a cone. Decide if ciggie or joint below:

Things of this nature are pretty amusing because one sad corner of the internet is all, "Back in my day!", "She's out of control!", and "The President's daughter should have more class!". And the rest of us are like: 

It's also kind of enjoyable — in a highly terrifying way — to see heaps of Trump supporters up in arms over Malia hitting a joint when Donny literally just suggested someone shoot Hillary Clinton if she's elected. Sad state of affairs. 

While a lot of tabloid mags and right-wing media outlets are lambasting the little legend for doing something that a lot of people have done in their lives, the wider internet has come to her defence in a string of pretty lol tweets/memes. Some ~high~lights include: 

Actual standing ovation to this one:

People are also calling out her mates: 

Obama has done it, Bill Clinton has done it, your mum has almost definitely done it so can we just leave Malia alone already?

Photo: Tumblr

Madeleine Woon