Apr 21, 2016 3:49PM

Mariah Carey Throws Mariah Carey-Themed Party Because Mariah Carey

Power move.

Guys, it's Mimi's beautiful, sparkling, perfect world and we're just living in it. IRL princess Mariah Carey recently threw a party in Italy where guests were required to dress up as Mariah Carey as per the Mariah Carey theme. We really, really hope this soirée features in Mariah's upcoming reality show Mariah's Squad.

The only person who did not dress up as Mimi was the kween herself who instead went as her alter-ego Bianca.


#Bianca returns

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Such an Andrea move.

We hope some of the following Mariahs were honoured at this historic event.

Via The Cut.

Photos: @mariahcarey
GIFs: Tumblr

Lucy Jones