Aug 04, 2011 12:00AM

Matchmaking Alexa

Dry your tears! We play Cupid to newly-single Alexa Chung.

As news of Alexa Chung and Alex Turner's split broke this week we felt the walls of relationship reality crumble. The revelation that the pair's idyllic four-year stint of adorable PDA's and flawless festival chic had drawn to an 'amicable' conclusion was pretty devastating, but before we all start questioning the meaning of love and life and loosing ourselves in a puddle of divorce-related disillusionment, there is a silver lining to this cloud - we now have a chance to roll the dice in the ultimate game of Celebrity Matchmaker. This our list of top prospective suitors for the TV presenter (only the best for Alexa).

Just when you thought we couldn't possibly squeeze another post about the NEWLY SINGLE (!) James Franco into this weeks web schedule, we did! But seriously, imagine the editorial magic these two could create together, complete with bonus behind-the-scenes documentary footage (much like Franco's forays with Agyness Deyn earlier in the year). On the plus side he'd present Chung with a perfect foothold in the US market (a challenged faced by many a Brit celebrity), on the minus side "James Franco gay" is the third most popular prediction in Google autocomplete, so maybe not her best bet.

If this were an episode of Blind Date Alexa and Pete's 'compatibility rating' would be in the top percentile. British? Tick. Musician? Tick. Adorable foppish haircut and acute sense of style? Tick. He was clearly at his happiest when dating Kate Moss, maybe all Pete needs is a little tenderness? Admittedly this is a long shot, but we'd really love to see him scooped up and returned to his former glory.

Chung's romance with younger beau Turner didn't work out, so this leads to the obvious conclusion that she should look into courting an older man. In serendipitous news for Alexa, Sean Penn and Scarlett Johanssen called it quits in June, which leaves a roomy two month rest period to skirt any rebound rumours. He's not looking for anything long term, but a fling is probably just what the doctor ordered for Chung fresh out of a four-year relationship.

What do you say Cupid, case closed?

Words: Renee Warne