Apr 05, 2013 1:54PM

MBFWA 2013 x Oyster Collaborator: Renee Warne & Gibson Fox

Meet the creative couple dream team who are going to be contributing to Oyster online throughout Fashion Week.

For Fashion Week this year we have a whole selection of exciting collaborators lined up to make your internet a happy place and bring you the best coverage. Follow us throughout the week for behind-the-scenes moments as they happen, street style lurking, model stalking, runway reviews, designer interviews and much more. 

First up, we introduce to you creative couple dream team Renee Warne and Gibson Fox, the in-love legends behind jewellery label Billy Bride. Renee always has the best hair and vintage Prada accessories. She is a writer, designer and producer — she even worked at Oyster once so we're happy to have her back for the week! Gibson is a total dude with great taste in t-shirts who is an art director, photographer and skateboarder. He's worked with Monster Children and exhibited at China Heights gallery. Together they are launching an online fashion platform later this month/taking over the world.

Next week they're going to be hanging out at the venue with models, chucking their best Anna Wintour pokerfaces while watching the shows and telling us all about their experiences. Get to know them below.

Ingrid Kesa: Hi Renee and Gibson! Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?
Renee: Gibson and I have been working together for almost ten years, we met when we were teenagers at Ksubi and since then we've worked with P.A.M., Lover, Ellery, Bassike, Dion Lee, General Pants Co. and lots more. The best part of the last decade together has been all the brilliant brains we've met along the way who are now branching out in their own directions. I think it's the start of a super fresh exciting time in Australian fashion. Gibson and I are launching a new website later this month dedicated to fashion innovation called Feel The Future, which showcases the work of new designers, models, artists, photographers and all the exciting creative minds contributing to the future fashion-scape.

Describe how you're feeling about Fashion Week in a song...
Renee: 'Set Adrift In Memory Bliss' by PM Dawn.

Gibson: 'Falling To Pieces' by Faith No More.

Any shows you are particularly looking forward to?
Renee: Romance Was Born.
Gibson: Emma Mulholland.

Renee always has great fashions, and Gibson you're not too bad yourself. Have you got any exciting outfits planned for the week?
Renee: My vibe for fashion week is cyber hillbilly! I just feathered my own bangs for full effect. I bought Gibson an original 90s Faith No More 'You Fat Bastards' tee which he's never going to take off.