Nov 16, 2015 3:53PM

Meet Northern Territory-Based Photographer/ Photojournalist Isabella Moore

Life at the Top.

Isabella Moore's photos of the Northern Territory are pure magic. They somehow capture that epic quality of the Top End and provide insights into the lives and traditions of the Indigenous people who inhabit the land. This combination of great skill and sensitivity to people's stories makes for some pretty striking images.

We asked Isabella to share some of her recent work with us as well as some good advice, her biggest fears and what draws her to her subjects.

Name: Isabella Moore

Where's home: Darwin, at the moment.

What were you into in high school?
I loved learning French and Italian but I also wagged a bit with my best friend in the senior years, went for walks of discovery of the neighbourhood.

In what ways have you changed since then?
I definitely view the world with a different perspective now, however I still love languages [and] still go exploring. I'm also particularly obsessed with learning Swedish.

Swimming in Sweetwater Pool at Nitmiluk National Park.

Who inspires you?
People who can sail around the world conquering merciless oceans on their lonesome.

If you had to describe your artistic output in five words what would you call it?
Loud, strange, pop, colourful, diverse.

If you could stay a certain age forever what would it be?
I don't think I would rather stay any age, I am looking forward to the ages that are to come ahead of me.

If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you choose?
I'd have a western bearded dragon (it's a cute lizard).

What scares you most?
Violence and pollution.

Supermoon, October 2015.

Best piece of advice you ever received?
All advice is amazing, however if I had to say one thing it'd be to know your genius, believe in your power and trust in the universe!

When it comes to photojournalism what draws you to a story/subject?
Something I've never heard of before that sounds challenging to document and in turn might inform people about the way a certain social group is really feeling.

What is a skill you wish you possessed?
I wish I could read books really, really fast.

Best YouTube clip you've ever seen?
I'd say the most engaging music YouTube clip I've ever seen is Justin Timberlake's 'What Goes Around…Comes Around', the short movie scenes with Scarlett Johansson in it are the best.

Do you see photography as a tool for social change?
To answer your question in short, no. I've thought for a long time that it was, but in most cases you need much more than photography to help a situation.

Photography: Isabella Moore

Lucy Jones