Nov 22, 2013 12:30PM

Meet The Model: Lydia S @ IMG

Shot by Gavriel Maynard.

Lydia S loves dancing. The Polynesian Australian is as down to earth as they come. She's into simplicity — the beach, family, and staying happy and worry-free. What a gem. Oyster contributor Gavriel Maynard shot her recently, while we asked her a bunch of questions.

Jerico Mandybur: How old are you and where do you live now?
Lydia S: I'm 15 years old. Born and bred in Sydney, Australia and living in Maroubra Beach.
Can you send us a link to the best Youtube video we'll ever see?
This is a video of Tahiti's top dancer Moena Maiotui. This is the best dance I have probably ever seen, her hips are crazy fast, she's amazing. She is a dancer that inspires me to always be my best!

Favourite item of clothing?
Probably my Pareu. For those who dont know what that is, it's basically a piece of material like a sarong. Its my favourite piece of clothing because it's a multi-purpose garment I can tie it whichever way I like, I can cover myself with it if I'm cold like a blanket and of course, dance with it. There's seriously so much you can do with just a Pareu, you can even climb a coconut tree with it just incase your feeling a little hungry or thirsty. Haha.
When's the last time you cried laughing?
When my cousin Johnny did a really good drag queen impersonation.
What's your fondest childhood memory?
Going to my dad's small island of Atiu in the Cook Islands. It was such an experience because its a really simple place compared to Australia. I learned how to dance over there and that's something that has really shaped my life for the past 9 years.
How did you get started in modelling?
It's always been an interest for me. Before I was with IMG I was always doing little jobs for people. Nothing big or anything. I guess its always something that I've always thought about and wanted to do.
Who are five women you look up to?  
Angeline Jolie, Beyonce, Moena Maiotui, Gisele Bunchen and my mum because she's LIVED and has always been the best mum to me and my family.
What's the best advice you've ever received?
Worry about your own self - Dad
What really pisses you off?
Unhappy people.
What are three things you'd change about the world if you were in charge?
I'd somehow remove greed, anger, envy and pride. We would have to grow more trees and live sustainably with the earth. Last one — I would wish worries away so people would worry less. Instead, I'd want people to live in the moment and think about the good things that life has to offer us.
What are your five essentials for hanging out on a desert island?
Machete, Pareu, toothbrush, hair brush and a sexy boy with strong muscles (e.g ROB JAMES EVANS) to fetch me seafood and climb the coconut trees.


Photography: Gavriel Maynard
Hair: Kyye Reid
Model: Lydia Simonis @ IMG