Jan 27, 2015 11:54AM

Meet Toast, Instafamous Dog And Face Of New Karen Walker Campaign

America's next top model.

Toast looks like the happiest dog in the world in Karen Walker's Summer 2015 campaign. Probably because the multiple fans creating his windswept look are making him feel like he has his head out of a car window. The King Charles Cavalier Spaniel with 156,000 Instragram followers is no stranger to modelling, posting new outfit inspo on a daily basis.

#carbs #nomakeup 

"We always love it when celebrities wear our glasses," Karen says, "but it wasn't until we first saw this season's star that we thought there was a celebrity who could actually capture the essence of our brand in a campaign." 

"We were after a model for this campaign who could fit with our caramel-ly colour palette and also someone whose hair would work with our three wind machines hitting her from every angle to create a slightly 70s vibe. Toast ticked every one of those boxes.”

Karen Walker's fresh two-tone, gold rim, arrow-armed frames never looked better then perched above Toast's snout and lolling tongue. The rescue dog is clearly one of the most obedient pets in the world thowing shade at every model ever with his fabulousness.

Some of you might know Toast's human as @thefatjewish, who himself has garnered a mere 2.7 million followers through a careful curation of Internet Memes.

Then there's this dog, who's just a cool dog in a costume.

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Lucy Jones