Jul 04, 2017 8:52PM

Melbs Duo GL Share A Funky Mix To Get Your Body Started

Hit it.
Ella Thompson and Graeme Pogson are GL, a shiny disco duo from Melbourne who've recently released the second single off their Destiny / Reflect double a-side. 'Reflect' (below) has the kind of vocals that make you feel like you've never had a bad day in your life. The synth is aimed at your hands, which should definitely be above your head by now, and the bass line doesn't forget the hips. This month, they're hitting stages in Sydney and Melbourne to spread the boogie. To get your body started, they've made a YouTube playlist full of funk tunes that really get 'em going. Go ahead and add it to your favourites.
GL play Oxford Art Factory in Sydney on July 8, and Corner Hotel in Melbourne on July 15.
1. Diana Ross – 'It's My House' - One of Diana's most slinky jams and my gosh is she a slinky sight in that jumpsuit!
2. Sylvia Striplin – 'You Can't Turn Me Away' - One of her most famous songs made in collaboration with Roy Ayers and covered by Erykah Badu. This song is a groove for the ages.
3. The Sequence – 'Simon Says' - The original Sugarhill queens of Hip-Hop featuring the one and only Angie Stone. 
4. Lola Blank & Arthur Russell – 'Wax The Van' - One of the many Arthur Russell treasures.
5. Mariah – 'Shinzo No Tobira' - Drift away with Japanese ensemble Mariah. 
6. Candye – 'Loverboy' - The work of Kevin McCord has always been huge influence on our sound. This is one from his own Label 'Presents Records' featuring his wife Candyce 'Candye' Edwards
7. Krystol – 'Nobody's Gonna Get This Lovin' But You' - Anything Leon F Sylvers III was involved in was great (in my opinion). This one is especially influential because it's from the Oberheim DX drum machine era, when real drummers became (temporarily) obsolete in funk.
8. Unlimited Touch – 'Searchin' To Find The One' - The Prelude Records sound is another major influence, especially this one by UT. 
9. Curtis Hairston – 'I Want Your Lovin' (Just A Little Bit)' - Love Curtis' voice and delivery. Also the production on this track is right in the sweet-spot.
10. Rene and Angela – 'Wanna Be Close To You' - One of the finest duos of all time. We actually use to cover this track in some of the first ever GL live shows.
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