Nov 22, 2013 11:43AM

Microsoft's Anti-Google Fashion

Suitable for the paranoid and those with weak pun game.

How cute, Microsoft is throwing shade on Google's privacy issues, with a new line of Microsoft fashion called 'Scroogled.'  While their pun game might be weak, there's something to be said for a computer company that would go to all this trouble, just to call out a competitor for data stealing. What would you do, Microsoft? Not take over the world via invasions of privacy? Unlikely. You're just jelly because Google taught itself to identify cats.

Since when did computer companies get so petty? Probs since that time Samsung delivered its 1 billion dollar fine to Apple in trucks full of nickels and slogan tees became a thing. On the plus side, the merch is ridiculously cheap (shirts from $12) and makes for an ironic xmas present or a gift for your dad — who will laugh every time he wears it, because senility.

* Urban legend.