Feb 15, 2017 8:07PM

Mysterious Interview Footage Of Frank Ocean Speaking About 'Blonde' Has Appeared

"It's made me who I am."
There is an unsolved mystery on the internet right now and it's this very choppy interview with Frank Ocean. There's no word on where it has come from or who put it together, but who's asking questions when they should be listening to Frank talk anyway, right?
Presented in split screen format, featuring a wide shot and close up, the almost three minute clip shows Frank discussing the meaning and making of (presumably) Blonde/Boys Don't Cry/Endless. The audio quality isn't great, but Frank's words are.
"Making this project, I haven't shied away from expectations," he says. "I've really tried to use it as fuel because people have a positive association of what I do and what I make. They expect something that's good, so okay, how do you convert that into a better moment, a better song, a better album, a better presentation?"
He continues: "The most frustrating thing about the process of doing this is there's been a bunch of times where I just feel like I really fucked up, like I've fucked it up. Like it's irreversible, it already happened, there's nothing you can do about it and you don't know if even moving on makes it better."
"There's no fantasy on this record. It's all for better or worse, autobiographical, my experience. It's made me who I am."
Watch it here:
Photo: Vimeo

Hayley Morgan