May 05, 2010 12:00AM

Natasha Severino's Tricks

We are loving the fresh faces and thick brows at fashion week this year, but we're not exactly sure how to recreate this look. Does Rogaine take to eyebrows? Considering the rather tiny room for error, we fear the results could be somewhat disastrous. If only we could have our own personal makeup artist to bring out every time we hit our beauty cupboard, such as the ever talented Natasha Severino, the mastermind behind the beauty in the Manning Cartell show. We headed backstage to quiz her about her tricks of the trade after the models left the catwalk.

What was the inspiration for this show?
We wanted a global, sophisticated, polished look that represented the European woman - very refined and sophisticated.

How did the makeup translate back to the collection?
There was a Se