Aug 22, 2017 8:41PM

#Neverforget Film Edition: The Tragic/Etch Coming Of Age 'White Oleander'

Love humiliates you…
For fans of The Virgin Suicides, Thirteen, and whatever other completely etch coming of age films came out in the late-90s and early-00s, White Oleander is a killer. ~Literally~. Adapted from the novel of the same name, it stars your main woman Michelle Pfeiffer and a supporting role from none other than Renée Zellweger. 
It follows full devo teen Astrid, who grows up with her arty self-centred mum (Pfeiffer) and without her father. Her mum has a boyfriend, but he cheats on her so she murders him. 
After her mum goes to prison, Astrid has to live with her foster mum Starr (Robin Wright), who was once an alcoholic stripper but is now a Christian. Astrid gets baptised and her real mum is so off it. This is when shit really hits the fan. 
Astrid starts sleeping with Starr's boyfriend (!!!), which means Starr starts drinking again. Eventually, Astrid does something really terrible and is sent to a violent group foster home. She meets an artist named Paul.
Eventually, Astrid is sent to a new foster home with a former actress Claire (Zellweger). Claire and Astrid are pretty happy together, and so obviously Astrid's real mum is cut. She devises a plan to split them up and it ends horribly. Astrid is ruined. More than ever.
Paul is still around, but wants to move to New York. Astrid isn't keen so she lives with a Russian lady named Rena who is pretty slack — she uses all her foster kids as cheap workers for her business. Astrid becomes way more emo on the inside and outside, dying her hair and wearing dark make up. 
She's soon approached by her mum's attorney and is asked to tell a fake story in court. She doesn't want to, but takes the opportunity to visit her mum in prison and grill her about everyone in her life. She uncovers almost everything — including the fact that her mother abandoned her for a year and that her dad tried to find her, only to be turned away. It's devastating.
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Hayley Morgan