Sep 14, 2015 3:27PM

#neverforget Trend Edition: Millennium Hair Don'ts

'Cause everything's so wrong / and I don't belong / living in your precious memory.

You guys, we were doing some very wack things to our hair around the year 2000 and it's time to fully appreciate how tragic our heads looked 99% of the time. With out further ado, (lol get it? "hair do", wink wink nudge nudge) we'd like to present this week's edition of #neverforget starring the best of our worst millennium hair fashions.

Before we begin let's fully acknowledge the sick genius of our favourite looks at this time feat. Paul Frank, pink and brown tartan Von Dutch hats, Etnies and long board shorts with a fresh frangipani tucked firmly behind one ear. STUNNING.

Alas, the shudder-inducing styles don't end there because we also had our hair/heads to play with and boy did we go wild. Please join us in remembering the most iconic hair happenings of the 2000s, we promise you'll come out on the other side with a renewed appreciation for top knots.

Butterfly Clips
Ah, the classic butterfly clip has inspired everyone from Kendrick Lamar to Buffy diverse were its styles and application.

We had the spring butterfly that swayed divinely in the breeze.

And the butterfly clip, if you didn't wear at least ten at once you were doing it wrong.


Furry Fake Hair Scrunchies
We really, really wanted one of these because they were god awful and went along with all of the other horrible stuff we bought/wore. Short, long, curly, spiky, we don't care just let us buy it mum!

Frosted Tips
Let's hear it for the boys who were also bringing strong styles to the table during this time, most notably frosted tips.

Shout out to our ultimate dream boy Pacey Witter who rocked the look so well.

Top Deck Hair 
If anyone has some pictorial evidence of this gorgeous light on top dark on bottom hair style please contact us as a matter of urgency.

Corn Rows
Before we learnt about cultural appropriation there was this...

Hot irons, straightening over plaits, sleeping in plaits; we'd do anything to achieve the perfect crimp.

Hair Mascara
Of all the DIY styles hair mascara was possibly the most accessible and the most fab. It's sticky, wet, chunky finish made it a particularly desirable product. Here are some examples of way higher class renditions of this trend, ie. not achieved with hair mascara from The Reject Shop. 

Coloured Hair Spray
Speaking of kewl colour looks, the all over sticky-finish colour spray was also a big winner.

Slut Strands
Never mind how many hours you spend achieving the perfect slick pony two strands at the very front of your perfectly straightened middle part needed to be hanging free.

Björk Buns
Simply classic.



Photos and GIFS: Tumblr and @officialseanpenn

Lucy Jones