Aug 03, 2016 11:53AM

New Emoji Update Is Pro-Feminist, Pro-Pride & Pro-Peace

Upgrade U.

After revolutionising your texting game whole life with "upside down smiley emoji" and "hugging face emoji", Apple have some fresh new options coming at you. The tech wizards have collaborated with the emoji legends/cool nerds over at the Unicode Consortium to develop a bunch of pro-feminist, pro-pride, pro-peace emojis. Onya, Apple!

The très 2016 update sees the gun swapped out for a water pistol, which is a pretty on point response to America's continuing problems with gun violence and baffling lack of action on gun control. However, it also means that next time you see a lady wheeling her Pomeranians around in a pram you won't be able to write this:

The update also includes a rainbow pride flag, a single mum and a single dad, and women participating in various sports/professions; aka all of the activities/jobs that are currently only represented by male emojis. These are all very welcome depictions of things that are true and real in the world. Still waiting for those gender-fluid emojis tho.

The emoji update will be out with iOS 10 later this year. 

Via: Apple

Photos: Apple, Tumblr

Lucy Jones