Apr 10, 2015 10:05AM

New Season True Detective And Orange Is The New Black Trailers Are Here

*Praise hands emoji*

Thanks TV, for existing and for releasing back-to-back previews of two of the best shows going right now. The trailers for season two of True Detective and season three of Orange Is the New Black have dropped, delivering gold from opposite ends of the great TV spectrum.

True Detective's second season looks like it will be as deep and dramatic as the first, if the trailers meaningful stares are anything to go by. Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn are the very srs new leads, with Rachel McAdams taking on the role of badass police officer. There's industrial lots, carpark fights, neon-lit bars and a terrifying masked man. #Moody. 

Orange Is the New Black is another story, with it's lol trailer full of straight up crazy behaviour. Alex is back and she's not happy about it, Crazy Eyes is writing erotica and Oyster #106 girl Laverne Cox gives the worlds sassiest brow raise. Sorry, not sorry is the message of the new season that will be full of tears, laughs, raps, fights and new hairdos from the diverse and loveable cast.

Lucy Jones