Dec 08, 2014 9:33AM

Nicki Minaj Did A Pretty Good Beyoncé On SNL This Weekend

Watch some highlights from the James Franco-hosted episode!

James Franco hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend and the episode garnered the show's second highest ratings of season. Seth Rogen joined him for the monologue and one sketch — the always excellent Former Porn Stars — but the show's musical guest may have had something to do with the ratings spike.

Behold, Nicki Minaj. She did Beyoncé.

[UPDATE: The video!]

She also rapped the first line of 'Anaconda' multiple times in a sketch that also paid homage to Savage Garden's 1997 smash hit 'I Want You' and Billy Zane's most memorable line in Titanic:

She also performed 'Only' and 'All Things Go':

And 'Bed of Lies' with Skylar Grey:

Everybody's favourite former porn stars tried to sell us some yachts:

And James and Seth talked about that whole North Korea/Sony hack debacle:

Emily Royal