Apr 21, 2017 6:20AM

Of Course The 'Broad City' Babes Made A Mini Episode For 420

Happy holidaze.
Just when you thought Abbi and Ilana left you high and dry on Bongmas, they've gone and uploaded a mini episode to Comedy Central to celebrate the holy dankness that is 420 day.
The episode wholy consists of the girls take hits from the glass bowl while on skype with each other, obviously. They're passing their pieces towards the camera in progressively elaborate ways, as a means of mimicking what they could be doing IRL. All is pretty normal until Ilana loses her bowl, and that's where the majik happens.
Grab you finest bag of wacky tobaccy and hit play below.
If your VPN isn't up to scratch, this'll suffice.
Photo: Comedy Central

Hayley Morgan