Apr 09, 2015 12:08PM

Oyster Beauty: 'Flossy' Shot By Romain Duquesne

The glamorous.

Do you ever just wake up ***Flawless? Neither. Whether you've got a sleek blonde bob or wild and wavy tresses, you'll know that a fresh hair-do can feel like a soft and shiny personality update.

If you're all about pushing the snooze button to the limit, but still want to work what your mama gave ya, then hair geniuses over at Pantene are here to help. They've created a three-minute hair treatment with fab-u-lous effects, as evidenced by the time we tested it out on the angel pictured above.

This marvel of science will restore your hair to its beautiful natural state, removing frizz or flatness in favour of flawlessness. If photos could speak these ones would be saying, "Damn, girl!"

Photography: Romain Duquesne @ Sync
Fashion: Coco Adorjany
Hair: Stavros Georgoulas @ Work

Make-up: Samantha Patrikopoulos using MAC Cosmetics
Model: Ruth Bell @ Vivien's