Jul 17, 2017 9:19PM

Oyster Exclusive: Pageant Take On High-Risk Dressing And Tech Vibes In 'Signals' Film

~urban chic~
Could Pageant get any cooler? No. But also yes, because somehow they manage to do it every damn season. This time they're upping the ante for a trans-seasonal collection film, 'Signals', created in response to the High Risk Fashion / Critical Thinking exhibition at RMIT.
The collection leans on sportswear aesthetics and comforts, but also has a distinctly futuristic urban explorer feel. It's the culmination of the ultimate mood board — slinky 70s fabrics; a colour palette lifted from Lydia Wegner's photographs; additional bright greens and concrete greys that are straight from urban planning renders; big hoodies with bigger cord detailing; bum bags that are called 'fighter belts', genius; and custom prints by design ledge Tristan Ceddia
The film follows a similar collaged mood, to directly explore the idea of 'high-risk dressing'. "It is defined by the attitudes of the wearer, foregrounding individuality and remixing sub cultural references through dress," their statement reads. "Technology and social media form a large part of how these attitudes in fashion are digested and communicated to a global audience."
Synthesising animation and impeccably-cast real humans, Maximum Rim helped to realise the super cool ~urban chic~ vibes of the film. And the soundtrack comes from Belgian producer SKY H1, an awesome young lady who Pageant admire completely.
Photo: Courtesy

Hayley Morgan