May 29, 2015 4:42PM

Oyster Playlist: Astral People's 80s Chicago House Selects

Untz untz untz.

DJs Ben Fester and Preacha are here to school you on Chicago house music in the best way possible — by providing a list of very palatable bangers from the glory days of house. May these DF destroyers get you in the mood for a weekend of par-tay-ing.

Ben Fester's Top 5 Chicago House Essentials:

Boo Williams – 'Out of Sink Jazz'

"From the second you hear those classic Boo Williams swingin’ snares and shakers at the start of this, you know its gonna be a heater. Can groove to this for days."

Armando – Here We Go

"Armando was one of the Chicago guys pushing a more punchy and raw sound. Sometimes his productions make you feel quite unsettled as if the elements don't work or shouldn't work together and that’s what I love about them." 

Glenn Underground – Afro Gente

"Between the two of us, there are just too many from Big Papa Glenn to narrow it down to one, but here goes. Although this one is one his more recent productions, it's still definitely an essential. Afro polyrhythms and Glenn on some other shit on the keys." 

Housemaster Baldwin Ft. Paris Grey – Don't Lead Me (House Mix)
"'If your love is like a jail that locks me up, I don't wanna be free' — suss the Medusa mix too."

Paul Johnson – Hear the Music

"Oooooeeweee! Why would you even complicate things?" 

Preacha's Top 5 Chicago House Essentials: 

Mr. Fingers – Finger Fuck

"Between his work with Fingers Inc., The It and countless aliases, there are too many classic Larry Heard productions I wanted to include here. This oddball from around 1987 remained unreleased until the good folk at Rush Hour Records dug it out for the superb Chicago Dance Tracks compilation curated by Gene Hunt." 

Marcus Mixx – The Spell (Ron Hardy Mix)

"Marcus Shannon worked as an A&R for the Trax label and also produced some of the most demented house tracks you'll ever hear. This is one of his more subtle works, hypnotic waves of claps and bleeps casting a spell over the dance. Some dude named Ron Hardy on the mix."

Bam Bam – Where's Your Child?

"Filthy acid produced by Chris Westbrook with demonic vocals, babies crying, smashing glass and screeching tyres - which I imagine is the sound of paranoid parents rushing home to check on their babysitter after hearing this in the club. A top-tier dance floor destroyer!"

Da Posse – Strings (Fingers Mix)

"The title says it all: string, strings and more strings! This one sounds like it could have come out of Detroit but it's produced by Hula who went on the form The Outhere Brothers so extra bonus points for that."

Adonis – No Way Back

"It's too late now, we have now entered The Jacking Zone. And there's no way back."

RBMA present Astral People ft. Robert Owens (Fingers, Inc.) / Amir Alexander / Ben Fester / Preacha at the Sydney Opera House tonight. More info here.