Apr 16, 2014 4:25PM

Oyster Playlist: House Party Edition

Long weekend P.A.R.T.Y. Plus win a prize pack you can drink!
It's almost that time! The weekend is pretty much upon us and we're pretty excited. But what to do?
We say, HOUSE PARTY! You should totally do it and here's how. 
House-partying requires a few things — dancing, enjoying a JD Honey or two and most importantly, music. What kind of music? Um, the party-hardy kind! Whether you're still kicking on from your week's shenanigans or just in the mood to do something other than watch Battle Star Galatica with your cat and cry, this playlist is going to get nearby citizens swarming like bees to the party hive.
Be warned: the songs on this playlist are designed to get you singing loudly. Results may very. 
1. Clio — 'Faces'
Start off with some minimal Italo disco get to the people moving or to act as some background noise while people do the whole stop and chat or eating-of-the-snacks thing.
2. Mariah Carey — 'Dreamlover'
Have you seen  this film clip? They’re literally dancing a field of flowers. Very agricultural. This song's a good one to warn up an otherwise cold an uninviting house party because everyone can sing along and/or do the 'dance' moves.
3. The Notorious BIG — 'Juicy'
Taking things up a notch. Phat beats and a sing-along bit!
4. Pet Shop Boys — 'West End Girls'
They’re coming for the Vivid Festival, so points for local relevancy.
6. Blur — 'Girls And Boys'
Speaking of girls and boys… Lads and 90s fetishists, watch and learn. We don’t use the phrase 'everything' lightly, but this is still everything.
7. The B52’s — 'Rock Lobster'
Don’t give us that shit about hating 'Love Shack' and therefore dismissing everything The B52s have ever done. This song has some excellent call-and-response moments e.g. "There goes a stingray (wa-ohh-wow!) /There goes a manta-ray (eee-eeh-eeh!)"
8. RuPaul — 'Supermodel of the World'
"You betterrrr work!"
9. TLC — 'No Scrubs'
This is a good song to play for that point in the evening/morning when all anyone wants to do is yell lyrics into other people’s faces.
10. Naomi Campbell — 'Love and Tears'
Oh, you didn’t know that Naomi had a singing career? Hmm hmm. *clicks* Now who wants to help us move this couches so we can slow-mo vogue on the lounge room floor because we’re too tired to stand?
Tell us what good times have you had with your crowd and a Jack Honey & Dry and be in with a chance to win one of 8 x Jack Daniels Honey prize packs. Each pack has a bottle of Jack Daniels Honey, glasses, limes and swizzle sticks, plus a 3 month subscription to Spotify Premium. Click here to enter.
Don't get stung, please drink responsibly.