Jun 20, 2013 12:06PM

Oyster Playlist: Maxmillion Dunbar

The Washington producer is playing live at Bamboo Musik in Melbourne this weekend.

Last weekend Maxmillion Dunbar played with Pelvis at Goodgod, and this Saturday night he'll make his debut at Melbourne's best night, Bamboo Musik. A figurehead in the Washington DC dance scene, Maxmillion Dunbar is one-half of Beautiful Swimmers and runs Future Times records. Earlier this year he released his second album House of Woo, made this fresh mix for FACT, guest-hosted Beats In Space (for the third time), and is now in Australia for the first time.

Playing alongside Bamboo Musik DJs (check out the playlist they made us) and Noise In My Head, this Saturday night he will also celebrate his 30th birthday. Party time, excellent. 

Oh, and flier is AMAZING.

Ahead of his Bamboo Musik appearance (tickets on sale now), Maxmillion Dunbar made us a YouTube playlist...

Greg Beato EP preview  
This is dropping soon on Funkineven's Apron label. I've been burning these tracks up off the CDJ in recent sets. So, so good.

'Son' — Beautiful Swimmers (sneak peek)
Shameless plug! Swimmers' LP is dropping soon on Future Times, check the clip for a taste!

'She Sexy' — Michael Palmer
Maybe the best hook ever? The dub is amazing too, sadly not on the 'Tube...

'Are You High' — Wamdue Kids 
I managed to scoop this up in Sydney, which is awesome. They threw everything in the mix on this cut. So good. Added bonus — homemade anime video!

Sauce vs. Smoke @ Deno's 12.08.99
I had to show some DC love on the list. This is a prime example of some go-go from the late 90s, though they go the extra mile with the special FX on the congas. This is a groove with a capital G.