Jan 20, 2015 3:51PM

Oyster Playlist: Mister Saturday Night's 'Summer Dance' Songs For A Good Thaw

Get pumped for this week's block party.

If you haven't met our Sunday sesh Summer Dance yet here's your chance to get familiar/in the mood, with a playlist curated by party boiz Mister Saturday Night. We will be turning the National Art School into a D-floor in collaboration with FBi Radio and Astral People again this weekend with sets by Mister Saturday Night (Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin), Tornado Wallace, Mike Who and Magda Bytnerowicz. Justin and Eamon, who run the Mister Saturday Night parties in Brooklyn, have curated this exotic playlist to get you primed for their set on Sunday.

"We just arrived in Australia today from the nine-degree weather in Brooklyn. Here are some tunes were happy to be bringing out for a little spell of sunshine in the midst of our winter."

Pino D'Angio — 'Una Notte Da Impazzire'
A classic Mister Sunday jam. It's been on the shelf since summer ended in NYC. Very happy to bring it out again.
— Justin

Milton Nascimento and Lo Borges - 'Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser'
Because it's summer in Brazil, too.
— Justin


Apongozi Amasiku Ano - 'Nashil Pichen Kazembe'
Killer cut from the father of modern Zambian music (it is also summer in Zambia, for the record).
— Justin

Banda Uniao Black - 'Been So Long'
The guys who did Phenomenal Handclap Band produced this record for old school Brazilian band Uniao Black. It sounds like music from the early 70s, when soul was turning into disco, but it was recorded in 2005.
— Justin

Batsumi - 'Moving Along'
Another track from the south of Africa. Batsumi was a spiritual jazz ensemble inspired by the teaching and writing of Steve Biko. Important dude ... look him up! This a great tune to close out a party in the open air. I love the counting!
— Justin

Muchos Plus - 'Nassaus's Discos'
It doesn't get more summer than Carribean inflected disco.
— Eamon

Instant House - 'Over'
A classic from Jo Claussell's jam project, thoroughly rinsed this past year at Mister Sunday. At one point in the mid-80s Instant House actually opened for U2.
— Eamon

Copyright feat Song Williamson - 'He Is' (Ferrer & Sydenham Vocal Mix)
A monster remix from Dennis Ferrer and Jerome Sydenham and a bon-a-fide Mister Sunday classic. This will get an airing at least twice whilst we're in Australia.
— Eamon

Coloursound - 'Fly With Me'
This is a record I haven't played in many, many years but I recently dug it out whilst re-arranging my records at home. It's prefect for summer.
— Eamon

Temper - 'No Favors'
80s boogie with a real New York block party vibe.
— Eamon

Mister Saturday Night and the gang will be leading the charge this Sunday, January 25th from 2pm. Get your tickets now!

Lucy Jones