Feb 16, 2017 6:27PM

Oyster Playlist: Soul Sistas

Hey sister, go sister, soul sister, go sister.

There's nothing like some empowering female vocals to get you geed up for an evening on the town. DJ extraordinaire CC:DISCO! is very aware of this scientific fact, and has selected some truly inspiring songs to sway slay to ahead of her set at this weekend's Summer Dance party.

Australia's first lady of disco will be joined by Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda, Ben Fester, The Posse and Haiku Thompson & Rydeen at this Sunday's event, but for now she's keeping it female-oriented with a heavenly mix of Janet Jackson and Sister Sledge. Listen to those queens go below.

1. Deniece Williams — 'Free'
This is one of the most beautiful songs ever to grace the world. There's been many other versions of it but this one is the one.

2. Renee Geyer — 'Be There in the Morning'
An Australian queen, who is still performing. We always talk about the fact that there's no women in music but this QUEEN was always there. Thank you, Renee!

3. Janet Jackson — 'That's the Way Love Goes'
The 90s was a really important time for women in music, in fact it was a sexual revolution for many female pop artists who were being so open about sex. This was a really important time for females, again, they DOMINATED the R&B, new jack swing and pop eras. It's hard to pick this over the tune 'If' but 'That's the Way Love Goes' is still by far one of the best songs ever written. Janet is one of the under-celebrated artists of our time. 

4. Madonna — 'Deeper and Deeper'
When Madonna teamed up with producer Shep Pettibone it was all over. It was a match made in heaven. From 1990s 'Justify My Love' to 'Erotica' and 'Deeper and Deeper', it was female take over — from the film clips to the live tours as well. If you don't know this era then go check it out.

5. Roisin Murphy — 'Overpowered'
The first time I saw her live I was blown away. She's legit one of the coolest, most talented ladies on this planet. Her style is second to none as well; she DOES HER. If there's one thing I admire most in women, it's that. Not jumping from fad to fad because it's cool. She's someone I look up to a lot. 

6. Sonya Spence — 'Let Love Flow On'
I came across this song a few years ago and it's kinda amazing to see how it relaxes people and makes you smile. It recently got a repress, which has meant lots more people have connected with it, and its pretty great so see grown men all singing along to this pretty little love song that's just so sweet... The Sonya effect. 

7. Patrice Rushen — 'Remind Me' 
Patrice is my HERO! She's a singer, writer, producer, composer, music teacher, and she plays so many instruments. 'Babyfingers' has been slaying for decades and it's amazing to know she is teaching her skills to the generations to come. In my first ever DJ set as CC:DISCO! the first song I played was of course from Patrice. 

8. Sister Sledge — 'You Fooled Me'This song just makes YOU FEEL. Every woman I'm sure could relate to these lyrics at some point in their life.

9. Candi Staton — 'Young Hearts Run Free'
You might think this is a big happy anthem, but think again. This song is about an ABUSIVE relationship. This song is about getting out of that relationship and loving yourself. POWER TO YOU CANDI! 

10. Brownstone — 'If You Love Me'
I always go back to this song, in fact I closed with this at a club at 7am on Sunday morning and it was great. If left the decks and just danced and smiled so hard. It's like gospel R&B, and such a great anthem for us ladies. It was groups like SWV and Brownstone who penned and sung the most amazing uplifting tunes with great messages behind them.

11. Awake O Zion — 'Elbernita Twinkie Clark'
Speaking of gospel, only a woman could roar out this song like this. There is so much power in this song it's amazing.

Summer Dance takes place on Sunday February 19 @ Sydney's National Art School. For more info and to purchase tickets, head here!

Photos: Tumblr, Courtesy

Lucy Jones