Apr 05, 2017 5:55PM

Oyster Pop Quiz: Sampa The Great

True boss.

We've got a new Oyster Pop Quiz on the pages and let us introduce today's magical guest: Sampa The Great! What a ledge! She's a mad rapper, poet and singer-songwriter with a sharp sound thanks to her Zambian heritage and experimental beats. We asked her a couple of hard hitting questions after she blew us away at Laneway and, since her Fire Sign Tour starts in June, we thought we'd try to school you in on her excellence.

Ryan Kenny: What do you want to be when you're grown up?
Sampa The Great: Let me start off by introducing myself. Ah, Sampa Tembo... I go by the artist name Sampa The Great. When I grow up, I probably just want to be the best Sampa I can be. Still working on it, but yeah.

Is there anywhere you'd rather be?
Would you rather be on a beach somewhere? I'd rather be in Botswana right now with my mum and dad.

Did you watch The O.C. when you were growing up?

Well that's that question is out of the way. Let's give you a good one, what did you dream about last?
What was the last dream I had? I think it was all food. Has to be. Gotta be. I think it was over burritos and we actually did go get burritos so that dream was fulfilled real quick.

Last question, when's the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back?
I don't do that much, I should be doing that. A long time ago. Let me just do that real quick now. Dope. Thank you, guys.

Photography: Ryan Kenny
Photographic Assistant: Justin Vague

Hayley Morgan