Jan 28, 2015 10:27AM

Party Polaroids @ Astral People x Oyster's Summer Dance Party

Sunshine to the max.

It was the best of times, it was the turntz of times. We headed to Summer Dance on Sunday to take photos of sartorially gifted festival attendees (and also to dance). The douchebag percentile was incredibly low, if any, and the disco/house beats were the perfect levels of gr00vy for a sunny DF sesh with our best new dance friends.

The afternoon was an atmospheric whirlwind of delicious food, and bumping into people in the funnest way possible. Highlights include the metrological musical phenomenon that is Tornado Wallaceboogying with a friendly German dude named Ken who makes his own overalls and successfully coaxing the crowd to 'get low' during Mister Saturday Night.

As your Sunday sesh spirit guides we advise you grab tickets to one of the upcoming parties. And if you see Ken, say hi for us!

Madeleine Woon