Apr 05, 2017 6:49AM

Pepsi Pretend To Be Woke In Order To Sell Pepsi, People Are Obvs Cut

Pepsi have released a new ad campaign featuring Kendall Jenner, and it isn't great. Not because Kendall is the face, but because some genius in the writers room thought it'd be a great idea to trivialise protesting in order to sell more cans.
The ad follows a blonde Kendall who's in the middle of a photo shoot. 'Lions' by Skip Marley is playing in the background, and shots of a carefully inclusive crowd are cut in. As Kendall notices the protest, she gestures that she want's to join. A cute kid invites her in and she ends up bravely approaching the police line and handing a cop a can. Everyone cheers and she has saved the day.
Obviously capitalising on the current state of politics and society in general is pretty gross, so people aren't very keen on it. Here's how the internet is rightly responding. 
Photo: YouTube

Hayley Morgan