Nov 11, 2015 1:28PM

Petra Collins Made A Movie About Sports Girls For Adidas [Watch]

Featuring her sister Anna Collins and more.
Teshauna Gray

When it comes to realistic depictions of young women Petra Collins is kinda the boss. It's no surprise then that her latest project BREAK A SWEAT, a collaboration with adidas' StellaSport, is not only nice looking but full of truths about what it means to be a female athlete.

The short film follows four women through their daily sports routine — 23-year-old yogi Carmen Mac, ballerina (and Petra's sister) Anna Collins, soccer champ Danielle Colaprico and multi-talented Teshauna Gray. Each of them express their frustration over being treated differently from men or being thought of as odd for exhibiting typically boyish qualities.

Teshauna in particular says that when it comes to football the opportunity for women to compete on the same level as men just isn't there:

"The only pro-female football league is the Lingerie Football League. So it's a violent and as physical as men's football but it's not as serious, even though they're so physical and so athletic and so good at the sport. Obviously the crowd is mostly who just watch it to see women fight in minimal clothing. It literally just seemed like it was not real football."

Anna also talks about the fact that in ballet men are taught to move differently from women — to take larger leaps, take up more space etc. Going on to sum up the argument for change pretty damn well:

"It's 2015 and we need to break the barriers of what's masculine and feminine and be presented with the same challenges."

If you're not already whispering "yas queen" into the screen of your computer or mobile device, the following display of skill should get you over the line:

Photos: @petrafcollins

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