Jun 11, 2015 3:10PM

Petra Collins Shoots Clem Creevy & Isaac Soloway-Strozier For Prom

Time of your life.
The movies tell us that prom is kind of a big deal in America. It's where all the good stuff happens: boy gets girl, nerd becomes cool, best friends perform interpretative dance to Cyndi Lauper (not technically prom night, but yolo). For Clementine Creevy, guitar/vox of the band Cherry Glazerr, the best bit about prom was having Petra Collins as a personal photographer. That and going awf to Missy Elliot's Pass That Dutch. We asked Clem what is was like, why school sux, and what's next for Cherry Glazerr.

Hey Clem, we got your prom pics. How was it having Petra as your personal prom photographer?
Couldn't ask for a better personal prom photographer. It was very fun and funny. I went with my friend Isaac and he wore a fantastic maroon suede suit with wallabies.

Tell us about your prom. Did you win Queen?
Definitely not. It was kind of fun. Prom is just one of those things you kinda sorta have to do... for the photos. We made the best of it. I grouped up with friends and danced to Pitbull or Jason Duerulo or whatever Top 40 song was blasting on the dance floor. It was funny! I had a good time. You only really spend like 40 minutes at prom and then it's all about after prom. ;)
Your outfits are amazing, where'd you get them?
It's a secret.
Who's your biggest style icon?
Patti Smith. She's also my lifestyle icon as well, I suppose. Just androgynous and comfortable, yet chic.
What were the worst and best bits of prom?
The music was terrible. But I did request Pass that Dutch by Missy Elliot and it went off. Well... I went off.
Did you get asked in a ridiculous way, like spelled out with chicken nuggets on your bed?
Ha, no. I wanted to bring Sean, my boyfriend of four years and bass player in my band, but there is a rule that you can't bring anyone over 21 (completely fucking stupid) so I brought one of my best friends, Isaac. I probably texted him with, "Be my prom date," and he probably responded with, "Ok." I went to his and he came to mine. 
Worst bits of school?
Having to get back into school-mode after tour, ill-equipped teachers and math.
How were your grades?
Really good, actually! Not to boast but... yeah, good. I liked school.
Most embarrassing classroom/playground moment?
When I was in fourth grade, I lived in Chicago and I went to a private school with uniforms. The winters in Chicago are brutal, so girls would always put pants on under their skirts and take them off in homeroom. One snowy morning, I got to school and started taking my pants off while talking to my friends (all boys) and I didn't realise that I was also taking my skirt and underwear off at the same time... I looked down and my vagina was just out for all to see. The eleven-year-old boys started freaking out. They were far more embarrassed than I was, I think. Hilarious to think about.
Are you done with high school now? Are you stoked?
Yes. Perma-summer. Jk, being in band is a lot of work, haha. But not really compared to other things.
What happens after high school?
We're going to tour The Netherlands and the UK in July, and we just moved into our new 24-hour lock-out rehearsal studio. We're working on the new album and I'm saving up to move out within the next year.
Any words of wisdom for juniors, now that it's all over for you?
You're not going to miss it!
Photography: Petra Collins