Feb 14, 2017 10:58PM

Oyster Premiere: WEDIDIT's Groundislava Announces New Record, Drops Dreamy First Track

Dream baby dream.
Groundislava AKA Jasper Patterson AKA mates with your boy Shlohmo and founding member of WEDIDIT has just announced his new record Endless Voyage. It drops so soon and we're so stoked to premiere the first track on the internets, which features big ledge musician/actor (Animal Kingdom) Jake Weary.
Titled 'Until Tomorrow', with vocals swirling over dancing synths and a gently crashing beat, the track lulls you into the dream world in which Jasper found himself in while creating the record. "It was in the process of experiencing lucid dreams for the first time that I began to grasp how surreal and absurd, how beautiful and terrifying dreams could be," he says of his concept. 
"How you could be experiencing something so meaningful and meaningless simultaneously, in some place you've never been, with no idea where you are or why you're there, only to be in a completely different place an instant later. Yet somehow in the moment it makes sense - you don't question why you're at the bottom of the ocean one moment, only to be sitting in an endless field the next, watching the sun rise with a girl you love who doesn't actually exist." Naw </3
Endless Voyage is out February 24 and you can preorder it here. Cop a listen to 'Until Tomorrow' below:
Photo: Nick Walker

Hayley Morgan