Feb 15, 2017 8:49AM

Prepare Your Snake Thumbs, Nokia 3310 Is Relaunching This Year

New high score, who dis?
Honestly, could our teen selves be any more buzzed on this year's ~random~ relaunches? First Fiorucci and now the holy grail of communications devices, the Nokia 3310. 
According to Venture Beat, Nokia's name rights holder HMD Global will be releasing an homage to the 3310 this month (!!!). Its price is set at €59, about AUD$80, and we can only assume its battery will still last a week.
In celebration of this most excellent news, let us revisit all of the ways we tricked out our phones in the 00s:
1. Gagging for a flip phone

After a throwback RAZR ad (that turned out to be nothing but a tease) was released this week, it's not untrue to say that we are still friggin' gagging for one of these ultra slim pink babies. At least in the early 00s you could buy a phone case with a lil slidey keypad cover and enhance your sophistication. No such luck these days.

2. Phone cases that looked like airbrushed cars

These days there are two types of people: iPhone and Android. But back in those golden days of the late 90s/early 00s you could determine exactly what type of person you were dealing with by a quick occular inspection of their cellular device: the dolphin print with silver gel keypad said "I'm a dreamer"; the Playboy logo with pink keypad said "I'm the original badgal"; the summertime hibiscus print screamed "I'm super easy going and also a bit basic"; and so many more.

3. Bedside stands

These didn't even charge your phone, but they weren't useless. They made you feel glamorous, organised, and like someone with a flair for interior design.

4. Any accessory that responded with flashing lights

Incoming text? Incoming call? These lil lights — on stickers or dangly things — would flash and let you know it was about to happen. Welcome to the future! They also usually flashed when your phone started pinging off a different tower, which was a huge bloody let down. It was a great day when you could switch out your antenna for a light up situation with a hemp leaf on it. PS. how furiously are you searching eBay for the light up Nike tick from the demo above? Same.

5. Full body light flash

Watch above and weep.

6. Personalised text / backgrounds on the home screen

A really great way to tell people exactly who you are is to pay for a unique background... something personal, like *~sxc gal~*. Am still 100% psyched on that Buffy background, tho. 

7. DIY ringtones

Shout outs to everyone who painstakingly typed out the codes for ringtones such as 'The Next Episode', and never gave up even when they did a bung note and had to start again.

8. Being heaps hyped for a 12 megapixel camera

Literally everyone looks good in 12 megapixels. Thanks for the memories.

9. Changing the last two digits of your message centre number to get free SMS

Bad bois waddup. Thanks so much to all those rule breakers out there who found out a way to get unlimited SMS even with the "Optus to Optus free for 30 after 9pm" prepaid package.


Thnks fr th mmrs.

Photos: Tumblr, @rememberthishappened

Hayley Morgan