Jan 23, 2015 4:29PM

Preview Cara Stricker & John Kirby's Sugar Mountain Performance

Watch an exclusive preview right here.

DROOL is a music/art duo comprising photographer/frequent Oyster contributor Cara Stricker and producer/songwriter John Kirby. The pair are putting on one heck of a show tomorrow at what is sure to be an epic Sugar Mountain festival. You'll also be able to take home some art if you're lucky — Cara is selling a limited series of 20 photo prints on site. Scroll down to watch a preview of the show and find out what to expect from the art/music experiential extravaganza.

Lucy Jones: I read that you and Cara met at a karaoke bar, is that true? What is your karaoke jam?
John Kirby: Yes! it's true we met in a Karaoke bar, in CBD Sydney. I remember when Cara walked in I was singing 'In Da Club' with Dev Hynes, he kills that song! I was more of the hype man. My personal karaoke specialty is 'Slow Hand' by The Pointer Sisters. The chorus goes, "I want a man with a slow hand, I want a lover with an easy touch."

How would you describe DROOL's sound, and where did the name come from?
Our sound embodies an interconnectedness of all human beings on a cellular/cosmic level and desire to find liberation through orgasmic release. I having a smoothie at a food court in downtown Melbourne today, and could almost hear it coming through the sound system as the business men and women flirted on their lunch break.

How do each of your own artistic practices enter into the subject matter and performances?
Both of us are fascinated with other humans. We use our music/video to explore how they react/interact on a intimate level.

I also read that your music can be understood as a metaphor for sex, please explain.
DROOL's music seeks to examine the fiber of desire, explore a utopic dystopia, infused from a western world spirituality.  The way sex is often as good, or better as a memory than it is in the moment, DROOL's music/video replays the good bits of equality in this raw nature, to create a sense of immediate nostalgia.

What can people expect from your Sugar Mountain performance?
Our Sugar Mountain performance will be in a dark room with us playing our music live to Cara's 40-minute film piece.

Sugar Mountain festival is happening tomorrow at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. DROOL are performing at 1pm.

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