Oct 21, 2013 4:52PM

Q&A: NLP Resort '13

Snoop Dogg and neoprene.

You may remember NLP as the fluro swimwear label from such shoots as this and websites such as this, but have you ever heard from designer Nikki Lee Penny herself? You have now! With the release of the label's Resort '13 collection, we had a quick word with the gal behind NLP to talk bikinis and Snoop Dogg.

Jerico Mandybur: Can you tell us about the collection's concept?
Nikki Lee Penny: It's about the shape and movement of line, through and around the body.
What do you like the most about designing swimwear?
I have a never ending supply of bikinis!
Can you describe your dream pool party scenario?
Snoop Dog's pool party in Potato Head Indonesia. Already lived it!!
Can you tell us how you go about choosing your fabrications?
I like using Neoprene for the structure. I am curious about the future though. Maybe I'll look at broadening into a wider range of synthetic tech fabrics and lycra. 
What's your favourite piece from the new range?
My CYBERPUNK ZIPSWIRL 2-piece in Lemon Yellow and Neon Peach.
What song best describes the collection?