Sep 08, 2015 5:42PM

Raury Wants To Change The World

Here's hopin'.

Raury is a true nature boy who writes songs about spirituality and revelatory visions. Since releasing his debut mixtape Indigo Child in 2014, he's been making it his personal mission to spread positive vibes. The latest example of which is his collab with G-Star RAW for the Oceans, a project that transformed recycled sea plastic into a denim collection. 

We hit up the activist/romantic to talk about mother nature and lurve off the back of Oyster #107: The Romantics, out now! 

Jerico Mandybur: What's your favourite part of nature?
Raury: The imperfections and art of its growth. How it will eventually outgrow everything. Plants will eventually consume the concrete of abandoned ruins that once trumped and stopped their growth. Slowly but surely… There is nothing stronger than nature, yet it is humble.

What kind of change do you hope your music inspires?
I hope my music makes it cool to be a good person again. People think it's weird that I'm a positive person; they think it's weird to be in love. I want my music and my career to reverse the trends. Make it cool to be vegan and care for the world.

Do you always feel hopeful that you'll see positive change in your lifetime? Or do you sometimes doubt it?
Always hopeful.

The world's going through its sixth mass extinction. Do you worry about its future a lot?
I do. That's why I feel completely obligated to make high-frequency music to put out the energy of change for love.

Have you ever been in love? Or believed you were in love at the time?
I am in love, plain and simple.

Do you think human beings are inherently loving, or selfish? Or both?
As humans our spirits are wired to love. Our egos are inclined to hate and be selfish. Our society and trends feed into our egos. We should get back in touch with what feeds the soul/spirit instead.

Do you think this generation has a different approach to love than those before it?
Yes. We live in the era of the internet. Also in an era with Drake and all these other people with mass followings, who tell their story and influence my generation's view of love. Drake's helped a lot more people than we know. We also live in an apex of media distractions that keep us men completely insatiable when it comes to the beauty of a woman. I think it's harder to be in love now, because no one trusts anyone. Everyone is so accessible on the internet that relationships are more likely to be spoiled by someone entering your lover's DMs or constantly commenting under your lover's pictures… There is no real off-switch to people.

If you could be any sea creature, what would you be and why?
I'd be a sea turtle. I saw Finding Nemo and that sea turtle was so me.

Do you see the world from more of a spiritual or scientific perspective?
A marriage of the two. Most things are about balance.

Interview: Jerico Mandybur
Photography: Ben Simpson