Nov 07, 2014 3:39PM

REDINHO's Top 10 Crushes Of All Time

From childhood to now.
Anyone who's grown up in front of a computer/TV has developed some unexpected and possibly disturbing crushes on famous people on one point another. London-based producer/songwriter/vocalist REDINHO is far from immune. In fact, when we caught up with him recently to talk about his killer debut album, it turned into a Top 10 Crushes list. Not that we're complaining. Thank you REDINHO! For the epic beats and the entertaining crush fest. Over to him.
Bill Burr
Stand up comedian and fellow red head. I find him hilarious and want to be his friend.
My favourite singer right now by a mile.

Delia Derbyshire
She wrote the original Doctor Who theme using snippets of magnetic tape, and also made the 'pre-techno' track, Dance for Noah, in the early 70s.
Quincy Jones
Inspiring hero who produced some of my favourite music with Michael Jackson.
Another fave singer who is destined for greatness.
Anyone of a certain age and persuasion who grew up in England will probably have had a schoolboy crush on Jet, a "Gladiator." 
James Brown
One of the greatest ever.
Arsene Wenger
I'm an Arsenal fan, but it can't be denied that Wenger embodies something rare - a man of principle and long term vision who doesn't succumb to the short term quick-fix mentality of the culture around him.
Stevie Wonder
Beloved hero and creator of some of my favourite ever music.
Thai Food
Probably my favourite cuisine.