May 26, 2014 12:21PM

RIP Pin-up Photographer Bunny Yeager

See some of her most iconic (NSFW) images.
From all accounts, model-turned-photographer Bunny Yeager was an absolute champ. The legendary lady who jump-started Bettie Page's modelling career passed away on Sunday at 85-years-old, her agent has confirmed. The cultural impact Bunny's photos had at the time can't be underestimated. 
She popularised the bikini in the US, rejecting corsets and garments that manipulated women's bodies in favour of 'natural' beauty. She also influenced artists like Cindy Sherman, who studied Yeager's guide to photographing nudes and making self portraits.
Speaking of her rebellious legacy, her agent said, "Anyone in Miami in the 1950s who wanted a bikini would come to her, and she'd make one." Photographing everyday women, from stay-at-home mothers to flight attendents, Yeager made other women feel comfortable enough to get naked, often in public. 
"They all wanted to model for me because they knew that I wouldn't take advantage of them," Yeager told The Associated Press during a 2013 interview. "And I wouldn't push them to do nude if they didn't want to do nudes. It wasn't a day when nude photography was prevalent."
Shortly before her death, Bunny also had this to say about her subjects. "They would call me and say, 'I bet you don’t remember me.' I always remember them. I never forget my models. I'm so happy to speak to them, and see them when they come and visit me."
She continues, "They show their figures off even though they've gotten older, and they like to be photographed. I get the feeling they'd like me to take their picture. I don't have time, I'm pretty busy with all the new things I'm doing, but I do plan to shoot some of these older women. They remember the excitement of posing and want to relive it."