Jul 22, 2015 1:14PM

Rose McGowan On All The Times She's Experienced Dumb Hollywood Sexism [Listen]

Bring it.

Awesome actor/director Rose McGowan gave a very illuminating and kind of terrifying interview today, in which she talks about all the crazy stuff that women in Hollywood have to put up with. The wide-ranging discussion spans everything from the casual sexual harassment she received on the set of The Doom Generation, to the messed up ways that she's treated now that she's a director. 

Rose starts off by talking about the series of tweets that got her fired from her agency in which she posted a casting note for an upcoming Adam Sandler movie that required actors to wear an outfit that: "shows off cleavage (push up bras encouraged)."

After revealing that her response to getting fired was a two word email that read, "You're hilarious", she talks candidly about all the times she's had to deal with Hollywood's patriarchy. "I've been screamed at, yelled at, had things thrown at me," she says, while also being advised to "not to speak too much in meetings" in order to not be intimiditating to men.Sadly, Rose says that she's had the same bad experiences on big budget movies as independent films, saying that while there's sometimes a greater allegiance to art on an indie, there's not neccessarily a greater allegiance to women. She tells a pretty brutal story about being on the set of The Doom Generation, and how when a member of the crew harassed her, director Gregg Araki's response was to say, "Oh, children," and move on. 

While Hollywood is still run by "a whole bunch of old white men" who see her as a threat, Rose is a shining light of giving zero phucks. "I don't really care if I'm a threat," she says. "I am threatening. I should be threatening. Why not? But I'm not threatening in that I'm not trying to kill anybody, I'm not trying to do anything bad, I'm trying to get people to be goddamn better as humans."


Nadia Bailey